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A unique commentary on the movie “Precious”

I have never seen a movie as chilling and breathtaking as the movie “Precious” (an exception would be the Passion for Christ which is really in a class of its own). It is a heartbreaking story that pushes your emotions to the edge of time.  As I watched the screen, at times unable to face this young girl who had endured so much, I came to the realization that transparency is sometimes too hard to bear. Telling the true story about your real self and real life situations can be difficult and at certain times impossible. But the truth is that transparency is the key to personal freedom. The bible says in Revelation 12:11 that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Essentially, telling our truths may set someone else free. The movie “Precious,” exposes a story about a young woman who is abused physically and sexually by both her mother and father.  She is illiterate and understandably suffers from low self esteem. Her view of the world has been jaded by the circumstances in her own life. Reflecting on this movie I think about the many faces that we pass on a daily basis, on our jobs, at our churches, and sometimes even in our own homes. The faces of people who are dealing with circumstances and issues that are beyond our imagination. We have become a people of avoidance, especially in our churches. As if avoiding reality makes it disappear. Avoidance is why millions of children are abused everyday. Avoidance is why racism continues to contaminate our society. Avoidance is why people commit suicide. Avoidance is why many refuse to be transparent in our churches. To think if we could just be honest with one another and trust our stories with others how many lives would be saved. If we could smile at those who seem down, and really show sincerity and concern for the lives of others. One of the most amazing things that Jesus did while on earth was unveiling the masks of others. He saw past facades, past clothes, past appearance to the very soul of a person. One day while at a well attempting to get some water, Jesus has a conversation with a Samaritan woman (read John 4:7-29). He exposes the truth of everything taking place in her life. She could not hide because Jesus knew the truth of who she was. It is easy to wear the mask with everyone else, but Jesus knows who we are. If only we could get to the place where we could take off our masks and share our truths with others, how many people would be healed? What would it have meant to a young girl like Precious to hear she was not alone in her circumstances?
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