Chosen Generation
There is absolutely nothing ordinary about the way that Jesus loves us.  At least not in the way we are used to love. You see the love that Christ has for us ain’t your ordinary love.  We are used to love that is conditional, love that is temporary.  Even when we really love someone, it can’t compare to the amazing unconditional love of Jesus Christ.   We are used to love stories that show the beautiful side of human relationships. Which is good, but having that type of love leaves you unprepared for the rough side of love.  The love that sees who you really are and still chooses to love you.  John 15:13 puts it like this “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Jesus’ type of love was willing to die just to prove how much He loved us.  He knew who we were, He knew that people would reject Him, He knew that some would never receive Him,  but He chose to love us anyway. That’s some deep love.

Humans are frustrating, fallible, flesh.  That simply means we don’t always have it all together.  But, the agape love sees through the cracks of who we are to the core of our souls.  There is never a time that you should feel unloved.  People fail, but Jesus’ love never fails. He loves you just because, no strings attached.  I can dig that type of love, we’re so used to being loved  or loving based on conditions. But just imagine, there is someone who loves you just because.  Take time to embrace this fact.  If you can ever grasp and comprehend Christ's love for you, it will change your life.  So, rest in the fact that someone loves you unconditionally, for eternity, just because.

I know your used to the Fairy tale kinda love
The date night, holding hands, Love story type
The butterflies in your stomach and stars in your eyes
That “love struck”, new beginning “I can’t wait to see them” type high

The talking on the phone til you falling asleep
Writing love letters, composing poems tryna be deep
The “I love you” today don’t know you tomorrow
That sometimey kind that you can’t keep but  you can borrow

Allow me to introduce you to this eternal love
The loved you before you were created
The died on the cross for you He was hated
But He chose you each and every time
Put himself and his life on the line

That’s a love that I know is hard to comprehend
But He loves you just because and calls you friend
Don’t miss the opportunity to accept His love
His love is with you always, always above

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