Chosen Generation
Having spent all of my life in a Christian church, I have a pretty good grasp on the evolution of the Christian movement in America. Although heavily criticized, Christians have managed to keep a relevant place within the religions of the world. Yet, recently many individuals who grew up in Christian backgrounds are turning towards new and alternative religions to leave the Christian faith. So, a few days ago I asked the question what has happened to the Christian church and are we still presenting the life and legacy of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant to those living in today’s society. While listening to a radio program, I heard a guest on the show who discussed the fact the she had converted to the religion of Buddhism recently because she felt like she could not find true peace with the religion of Christianity. I contemplated her words for a long time. It bothered me that she could not find peace in a religion whose belief is based on the Prince of Peace in the person of Jesus Christ. How did this woman essentially miss the teachings of Jesus and all that He has promised to those who believe on Him? Could it be that the Christian church of America has jaded the message of Jesus with greed and false teaching? Maybe this woman was not stable in her faith and therefore susceptible to any kind of teaching.  Either way, I believe that it is the responsibility of those who claim Jesus to accurately and responsibly spread the good news.  Yet, many churches are more concerned with filling pews than winning souls. There has to come a time when we as Christians go back to the true purpose of Christianity, faith in Jesus Christ.  It is ALL about HIM! We have to realize that our feelings, our emotions, ours lives should be so sold out for Christ that the world desires what we have. You can’t solve a problem by feeding the problem more of the poison that it already possesses.  We have to stop trying to spread the good news of Jesus and reach the world with the mechanisms that are already causing them so much harm. Standards should not waver, they are strong, they are solid.  We must stand for HIM all the way or not at all. So the question of the day, where does Christianity stand as a religion?

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